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at all. the general assembly voted in favor of letting the company count nuclear energy research toward its costs. because of that, dominion can deduct about $400 million from its profits. according to the "washington post," that extra money would have gone to customers. bill supporters say customers will benefit in the long run because nuclear power is cheaper. virginia governor terry mcauliffe has not said if he'll sign this legislation. >>> developers who want to turn an open parking lot into a multilevel garage in spotsylvania county -- actually the county wants to use the lot for a new vre train station in crossroads business park off route 17, u.s. route 17. the train station is supposed to open sometime next year. developers believe the parking garage would attract more businesses because of its location to the rail line. spotsylvania county said it understands the interest, but plans to move forward with just the parking lot right now. >>> 4:40 now. how would you like a free cab ride this weekend? the company halo is offering a free ride weekend. they're doing it in honor of a s
detailed energy information and two way communication between customers and theer company. the information could help customers understand electric and gas usage and meet energy reduction goals. the fees to opt-out of the meters are $75 up front. then $14 a month for pepco customers and $11 a month for bg&e customers. >> a gold, silver or bronze isn't all russia's olympic medalists are taking away from the sochi games. the government is giving all 33 of them a white mercedes-benz with the russian olympic team logo. a couple of medalists aren't even old enough to drive but they've solution for that. they will also gate driver. russia finished at the top of the count for both overall medals and number of golds. >>> coming up at 6:00, hundreds of people fighting to stay in their homes before the water is shut off to an entire building. we'll report how those people just bought a bit more time. >> 40-minute commute that now takes more than an hour . >>> first at 6:30 tonight the remarkable details of the life of a survivor of the holocaust. >> a life ended yesterday when he was hit by a school
>>> what started as a simple energy call -- that's just across the street from the volunteer fire department, but we're told the fire truck actually came from a different station and was responding to a call. fortunately no one there was hurt. >>> we're learni ining new deta about a fire that bloke out last night at the oak crest towers apartment on brooks drive. prince george's county fire department says the fire caused at least $10,000 in damage. in that fire, no one was hurt. >>> montgomery county officials just cut the ribbon on the newest and largest animal services and adoption center. the compound is nearly 50,000 square feet. the center has a medical clinic, adoption area, private animal holding areas, even classrooms. it's going to house everything from dogs and cats to turtles and reptiles. >>> look outside, -dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal. is there a prize in there? oh, there's a prize, all right. is it a robot? no. is it a jet plane? nope. is it a dinosaur? [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] inside every box of heart healthy cheerios are those great tasti
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your energy level, whether or not you can go the whole night waking up and doing all of those feeds and then showing up for work the next day. >> reporter: and there is something else he should know. while previous studies have compared children of older fathers to children of younger dads, a new study in sweden that tracked the children born to the same father is raising new concerns. it found that children conceived when their fathers were over 35 were 14 times likely to have adhd than a sibling born when their fathers were in their 20s, two and a half times more likely to have autism, and two and a half more times to struggle with substance abuse and two and a half more times likely to have suicide. >> there is a correlation between the bearing of psychiatric problems. >> reporter: older dads are much more common, steve martin, jack nicholson, clint eastwood, have all fathered children later in life. but while men produce sperm their entire life, the evidence suggests men have their own biological clocks. as they age, the sperm declines with more frequent genetic errors. fertilit
energy company is a pal of putin. just do it. just suspend it, be move, start the meeting. that was the sense that you're wondering why isn't the president out there saying okay, we have made these moves. he's done this. you know, it was before it was trying to play some diplomacy. but they've got this 24 hours and you hear john kerry with more warnings. they know he's got to act
adding a renewable energy park. it would result in what? >> the avoidance of 3.6 million tons of greenhouse gas. >> reporter: some nearby residents say time super. >> it's absolutely a broken promise. >> reporter: bill lynch heads the citizen's group that want the landfill closed. >> they put caps in their development conditions in 2007 that there would be no further expansion of this landfill. >> reporter: not to mention the effects on precious wildlife. >> they offered to put three wind turbines up on top but we're within five miles of a major east coast eagles nesting area. there's 10 nesting eagles and 10 pairs just five miles away. >> reporter: some neighbors say they had it with the noise but close the landfill and there will be more of the same. >> possibly trucks would then have to be trucked to other landfills much further away. >> reporter: dozens of people are expected at tonight's planning commission meeting. that happens at 8:00. from there a recommendation will be need the board. and a decision should come within the next few weeks. in lorton, erika gonzalez, ne
... with more b vitamins, which help convert food to energy, and help mike do manly things, like wrestle bears and take out the garbage. get $2 off at >>> whether you want your house to look as welcoming as possible or you're hoping to increase the value to sell it one day, a little curb appeal can go a long way. >> the last time "today" real estate expert barbara corcoran was here to show you how to make curb appeal work for your house, i decided i wanted a shot at it too. >> this time kathie lee is going head to head with barbara. i'm so excited. all right, ladies, are you ready? here is the blank slate house you started with. barbara, we'll let you take your first go at it. what did you do to this house? >> well, this is a perfectly pretty house with great lines. but you can't see them because they're obliterated, whatever that word is, by all the stuff in front. i made some simple changes. i flipped the large and small tree. got a hole anyway, put it in there. i widened the steps, installed two red double doors with a transom window above. and some brass knockers. >> careful.
them go crazy, burn off some energy. it's an easter egg hunt not at easter. melissa mollet, news 4. back to you. >> keep those good ideas coming, melissa. thank you. >>> a man is in mourning this morning. he is mourning the death of his 60-year-old wife who apparently suffered a heart attack while shoveling snow. she died in the hospital. it happened yesterday afternoon at her home on pavia court. the man yelled for help and two neighbors rushed over to perform cpr while emergency crews were on their way. >>> metro buses are back in service today. buses are running on their usual routes. they may be taking some detours. metro wants to avoid steep hills and narrow streets. metro access service should resume at the top of the next hour, we're told. >> and you will be able to take marc and vre out of the district today. both services will operate with their full schedules. amtrak says most of its trains will be running between d.c. and new york as well. >>> and right now, almost 700 flights have been canceled across the country. live look at reagan national airport. 51 flights have be
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9